Immersive Technology company specialising in
Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions

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Working to build a better VR experience 

HyperActive working towards producing PSHE curriculum-based immersive content. Hyperactive is currently testing XR and 5G technologies as part of classroom PSHE workshop development and delivery. 


The Immersive Classroom

Technologies to build individual learner’s
life skills and increased levels of empathy towards others.

360 VR Films

Corresponding teaching plan and toolkit

PSHE curriculum

Immersive Classroom will be first employed in delivering Personal, Social Health and Economics (PSHE) curriculum

Social emotional learning (SEL)

increased levels of empathy towards others, by providing them with insight into the living worlds of others.

CPD training to schools

Subscription service to our content as well as technical support and purchase of the Immersive Experiences pre-loaded on VR headset, for a fee.